Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Camp 2016!!!

Lakewood Lodge

Camp this year was amazing! I along with all the year 7 and 8’s traveled to Lakewood Lodge in Huntly. It was an incredible experience and I enjoyed every single moment of it.

The first day was filled with many memorable activities.  We started of with low ropes, then continued on to the horse games and finished off with the flying fox.
Low ropes was really cool. It is basically many little challenges that involves wood and the ground. This activity was mainly based on team building and getting to know more about each other. Our group ( The Invaders) worked super well together and we even got a record time whilst doing the marshmallow challenge. YAY!

Horse games was so fun. First we got to go to the horse arena and have a ride on Maz and Joe. It was really easy to control the horses, as the instructors were right beside us. Next we played a game. In the game we had to run and grab cups full of water. At the end, the team with the most water was the winner. Obviously our team, (Team Maz) won because we were just too good.

w.jpgThe last activity we did for the day was flying fox. This was my most favorite activity because I love being up high. In this activity we wore our safety gear and we went up to the platform. Then the instructors attached us to the cable and off we went, soaring through the sky like graceful birds. It was really cool. Next an adult unhooked us and we ran back up to the shed.

To finish of our day we did the Burma trail. This was a scary and crazy experience. We were blindfolded and walked through the woods. We started of together and then we had split up. From there we individually walked, basically screaming at every little thing. This goes from a sound of a person all the way to the touch of a branch. I screamed my life out the entire way and wished for this freaky adventure to end.

The next day started of with a bang. We woke up to the spray of water guns and then went for our morning run. Next we got ready for survival camp. Groups 5-7 packed their bags and walked all the way to the place. We then chose our tents and got ready for the mud run.

The mud run was disgusting but super fun. We did many obstacles whilst in mud and had a team relay. Our team won again because as I said, we are just amazing. Next we all had to do the punishment. For the punishment we had to roll, sit down and throw mud at each other. It was gross.

cp.jpgAfter, we did the fire challenge. Our task was to burn a blue string by using fire. So our team grabbed as many wood possible and built our fire. Next we shaded the area so that no wind would disrupt it. Finally our fire rose higher and burnt the string.

Later, we did the sos challenge. We had to spell out the word sos by using natural things. So our team gathered wood and flowers and we put it all together. Our one definitely looked the prettiest but you couldn’t really see it in a distance. Therefore we came 2nd.

To end our time at survival camp, we played a few games and then went to sleep.
The next day we woke up bright and early. We unpacked our tents and then headed back to Lakewood Lodge.

The first activity for the day was kayaking. I really enjoyed this activity because I had an amazing time splashing people. But when people splashed me, it wasn’t cool at all. I couldn’t believe that we kayaked so far away and the water was extremely deep. It was about 3-4 times my height. We then played a mini game and headed back to change into our dry clothes.

Our next activity was the archery. I quite enjoyed this activity because Flynn and I got the highest score. We both hit the balloon which gave us a 50 point boost. After, we did a boys vs girl competition and the girls won!

camp.jpgThe last activity we did was the climbing wall. I was really nervous for this activity because I have a fear of heights and I can’t climb. So when I first started, I was a bit scared. But then I had the hang of it and my nerves were gone. It took me less than a few minutes to get halfway so the instructor suggested that I carry on. He gave me tips so I kept on climbing and then I reached the top. I was so happy that I did it and wanted to do it again. But we had no time so we went back.

In the afternoon we had the Y-games. This was the absolute best night activity. The Y-games are basically many little team challenges. You have to compete with the others and the aim is to get the highest amount of points. I did the straw challenge. That is where I joined 5 straws together and had to drink a whole bottle of juice. For that round I came second, so I earned my team 6 points. At the end of the game, our team came 3rd. I was really happy and had an excellent time.

On the last day of camp, we packed up all our gear and placed it outside. Next we got ready for the top class event.

This is where the 3 classes did a obstacle challenge. The obstacle included every single activity we did over the last few days. Our class went super fast throughout the whole race therefore we came first. After the event, we walked to the bus and went back to school. From there we unpacked our bags and went home.

Camp was amazing. I had the best times and it was a week to remember.

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