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Camp 2016!

Camp 2016!

Day 1:

On the first day of my camp experience, all the students attending camp were told to meet in the hall at about 7:45am on Tuesday the 18/10/16. We were all welcomed by excited and happy faces. Once the meeting was coming to an end, we loaded the bus with our luggage and headed to Lakewood Lodge! On the way their, the bus I was in mostly sang songs or laughed really loud, it was quite a ride!

Once we got to the campsite, we settled in our cabins and picked our room mates. Soon after, we were called down to the living room where we would meet every morning. We were introduced to all the instructors and were also filled in to where all the activities were going to take place and be held. We were shown around the camp and we also got to feed the animals as well!

Image result for lakewood lodgeMy first activity was Survival Camp. We were told to meet in the hall, there, we were told what to bring and what we needed to have ready. We then had 7 minutes to gather everything we needed, 7 minutes! Once all 4 team were back, we made our way to the camp site. Once we got there, we were assigned our shelters which we would use when cooking meals and having meetings with the other groups. We were then asked to choose some people to bunk with and pitch our tents. After we chose where our tents were going to be, we headed back to the meeting shelters for the next job to do. Throughout the day, we went through things like a mud run, capture the flag and many more group activities. After cooking and consuming dinner, we had a small break. Soon after, we all sat down and roasted marshmallows as friends. After all the sweets were eaten, all groups headed to bed. In the morning, we made our way back to the camp where we would have our first morning run.

Day 2:

On day two, we had our morning run. We soon finished up and had a 10 minute break before breakfast. When it was breakfast time, the girls lined up, following them were the boys. As we grabbed our servings of breakfast, we all grabbed a table and stuffed our faces!

That day, my first activity was the Low Ropes. The Low Ropes is a group activity which involves a lot of teamwork and collaboration. There were many activities we had to do  as a team, for example, there was the chocolate factory accident and the rock, paper, scissors war! It was a great experience, I thought that doing that activity first really brought the team together and made us closer.Being one half of the team captains, I had such a great time getting to know my teammates and learning more about them.  Later on that day, we had Kayaking and I couldn't wait!

camo.jpgLater on that day, the next activity I had was Kayaking. My group quickly gathered everything we needed and headed to our instructor Katherine. She led us to the lake and shed where all the canoes/paddles were stored. Once we got there, my team and I were so eager to start! First, we got our canoes ad paddle and headed into a small part of the lake which was our “meeting place”. As soon as everyone was settled and used to the canoe, we headed out to this pole in the middle of the river to check out how high the water level has risen to. Throughout the time we had kayaking, we had a blast! Finishing up the activity, we were getting ready for the nest activity; The Climbing Wall!

After lunch, we headed to the climbing wall. That was our final activity for the day. We made our way over to the climbing wall with Abby and Rice. Rice and Abby really made our day with their jokes and puns. We took turns climbing and arming the belayer as well. As we took our turns, we chanted our chant and laughed at jokes! That was the end of the day, we then made our way back to our cabins.

Day 3:

On day three, we had our morning run. We soon finished up and had a 10 minute break before breakfast. When it was breakfast time, the girls lined up, following them were the boys. As we grabbed our servings of breakfast, we all grabbed a table and stuffed our faces!

For our first activity, we did archery, YAY! Once we finished breakfast, we had a bit of time to gather our things before we headed to our activity. Once we got to the archery station, we went over the safety procedures.  Once that was wrapped up, we picked out which bow we wanted to use and fired away! Throughout the laughs, chants and friendly competition, my team had a really great time!

Soon after, My group and group 2 budded up for the flying fox! I couldn't wait for the flying fox because it was above a very interesting river, I also loved the flying fox because I got to spend some time with my friends from group 2. Each person got about 4-5 turns, depending on how fast we worked together. I buddied up with my friend Jessica, 2 people were able to go at a time so I chose Jess. While we were on the flying fox, Jess and I sang one of the songs featured in High School Musical, yes I know, great right! We finished up by taking off our harnesses and helmets, we also shared a few funny stories. We then made our way to have lunch, YAY!

cp.jpgOnce lunch finished up, my team and I made our way to the spot under the flying fox where we would have our next activity; The Iron Man Challenge. Unfortunately, we were not able to participate in the horse games because the horses felt unwell. So we did the iron man challenge instead! As we made our way to the muddy auto course, we were given a brief description of what the challenge was going to be like. Lets just say that if the T.V show Wipe out and a mud run had a baby, it would be the iron man challenge. Once that was finished, leaving my team looking like a bunch of muddy noodles, we headed to the showers for a good, long and hard wash. Then it was almost time for Dinner and the Y-Games!

The Y-Games was so much fun! Teams go head to head competing in multiple different challenges. Some of them were; guessing country's flag while blindfolded, eating a marshmallow about 2 feet long without using your hands, guessing movie theme songs and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Throughout the night was so many good times, friendships grew stronger, teams grew closer and people were definitely surprised! It was such an awesome time that I am never going to forget!

Day 4:
As usual, we had our morning run and breakfast, but you should know that by now!

w.jpgThroughout the day we had our normal activities, but the next event is the biggest event done at camp; The Top Class Event! The Top Class Event consists of a team of 28 people which would then be divided into separate groups. There would be 4 runners (2 boys and 2 girls) who would run a 1km track, a runner from there would then run to the climbing wall. The climbing wall team consists of 4 people (again, 2 boy and 2 girls) who would then climb the climbing wall. From there, a runner would run to the next station which involves aim. Each class is given 4 tennis balls, then the four people in each class team would have to knock down a target. From there, a runner would then run to the archery station, which was where I was. The first class to be tagged by the runner, would then chose the color balloon they wanted. My class team chose the white balloons. There were 4 white balloons and my team was the first team to shoot all four balloons! Then, a runner from our team ran to the next event which was the Iron Man Challenge. The Iron Man Challenge consorts a team of 2, a boy and a girl. From there, a runner would run to the flying fox, that group included 4 people. Once each person had their turn, a runner from there then ran to the next event; Kayaking! In that team, there would be 2 people. Once they finished their laps of the lake, they each packed away their canoes and paddles. A runner from there would then run to the next activity, which was the water slide. That team consists of 4 people. As those 4 people finished up their turns on the water slide, my class had to form a number 7 on a big patch of grass. Once we made the number 7, room 7 won! Hooray!

After that, we had lunch a a load of free time! Soon before we left, we there was a prize giving and a thanking ceremony while our luggage was being loaded into the buses. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to all the instructors who were the best! Even though it was upsetting, we all had a great time and created awesome memories! We then headed to the buses where we would then travel back home. Going and experience that camp was one of the best experience I think I have ever had or been through.  Let me just say, it was a wild ride and a journey I will never forget!

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