Thursday, 27 October 2016

Camp 2016

Camp 2016

Tuesday the 18th of October I was up early and so excited today was the day that I go on my school camp. I arrived at school to find all my friends were there. With bags lying around the school hall I walked into the hall and sat down in my class line. The buses arrived and I helped load the bags into the undercarriage of the bus. After the roll was called we all loaded into the buses and we were on our way.

The sun was shining as we rolled down the steep driveway of Lakewood Lodge. We saw all the great staff and people there waiting to greet us. We unloaded the buses and found our bed for the week. Then we headed up to the lodge at the top of the hill to get our safety briefing and meet the staff.

Then we were into our first activity for the day which was horse game, first we groomed Fox and Solo and then we moved over to the the horse arena to ride Joe and Maz. I liked the activity and enjoyed learning about the horses. Our other activities that day were Kayaking and Archery.

Day two rolls around and we get up and do the morning run and then I go up for breakfast. I headed back to my cabin and start packing some stuff to go to survival camp. The 9:00 o’clock bell rings I head up to the top of the hill with my stuff and sit down in my camp group. We get our directions to our destination and start walking. We arrived at survival camp and find our tent. We put our stuff in our tent and went up for our first activity.

Our first activity was the mud run it was really smelly but it was fun and cool to get muddy and dirty. Our second activity was to make a fire and burn a rope about 5 metres up first group to burn it won. Our group came second. Next we got a little hungry so we cooked sausages on sticks. Once we had cleaned up he went down the hill and played camouflage. Then we went up and made and cook dinner. After dinner we cleaned up and we got our touches and head back to camp. We got back to the lodge and got ready for the talent quest. Fire and Ice won the line dance and Black and White won the tenant quest. We headed back to camp to go to sleep.

6:00am up and packing up our tent. We head up to the top and start walking back to the lodge for the morning run. We have a nice run and once we were finished we headed up to the top to have some breakfast. We started our activity for the day which was wall climbing, it was fun being the anchor but it hurt my fingers and I couldn't climb they hurt so much. Our other activities were flying fox and low ropes.               

On the last morning we wake up and we do the morning run and headed up to the top of the hill and we had breakfast and then we got all of our gear and put it at the bottom of the hill by the bank. Then it was time for the top class event. That had in it a relay, climb, throwing, actuary, ironman challenge, flying fox, kayaking, water slide and making our class number with everyone in our class. I did the ironman challenge. Room seven won YAY. Then after the fun it was time to go home. We got back to school and everyone was happy to be home.

I had a great time at camp and can't wait to go again next year!

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