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Camp Writing Lakewood Lodge 2016

Camp Writing 2016

Tuesday 18th October

Last week was a really fun week, crawling through mud, flying over a red pond, kayaking, except for not being able to ride the horses, we ate some yummy food for breakfast, dinner and lunch. Everyone enjoyed hanging with friends for 4 days, and sleeping with each other for 3 nights. And especially sleeping at survival camp, in a tent.

Once we arrived at Lakewood lodge, we put our bags where we wanted to sleep and then put out our sleeping bags and headed up top to meet the instructors. Once we met them groups 1-4 were going to survival camp for their first activity. So then 2 men George and Craig, to groups 1-4 to survival camp, we didn’t have to walk 5 km Mr Fourie was just joking around but heaps of people believed him and once the groups were at survival camp, all we could hear was the other groups chanting but it was really cool but i lost my voice cause I was chanting so much. Since we were the first group there we got to choose a shelter we chose the biggest one but it was right in front of the walkway where you have to walk through to get to your tents. George and Craig asked us to go and set up our tent. So since our group was the closest we got to get the tents first I was so lucky i chose a four man tent instead of a 3 because I had Vishay, Caelin, Andre and myself in one tent so imagine if I chose a 3 man tent. George asked us to get into some togs/clothes that we don’t mind getting dirty. I could obviously tell that we were doing the mud run. When we got to the mud. You could just sense that it was really gross and yuck. So we had a race and unfortunately my team lost but well done to the Killer Bunnies for winning. My group consisted of 9 people Adah, Jessica Smith, Samundri, Hannah, Miriama, Zac.N, Jacob, Ethan and myself. Our group name was TEAM SMASH.
Our chant was
Smash e’m Bash e’m maybe even thrash e’m
Take e’m Brake e’m Shake e’m to the ground
Team Smash
Hit hit hah

And then I do my awesome whistle. We kinda had an advantage cause Mr Fourie knew that we did a whistle at the end but i’m not saying I did it but it may have worked. So instead of doing the whole chant I could just whistle and they might think that we just finished our chant like 20 times.

We did so many activities I can’t remember but here are a few that I can remember and what happened.

Day 1
  • Survival camp
Survival camp was so fun. The people I slept with didn’t know how to put up a tent so I did it all for them. And the activities we did were awesome. The first one was the mud run it was so disgusting. Then we had to clean of in a freezing cold miniature pond. Then we went back up and got a bit of free time. THen had lunch and we went back to our tents and got changed out of our dirty togs/clothes so then we played a game called capture the flag but we used towels. No-one knew how to play so everyone except for the people who knew how to play cheated.but it was still fun. Then we made dinner and played spotlight. Then off to bed.

Day 2
-low ropes
Low ropes was fun you really had to think and strategize otherwise you wouldn’t finish the task. My favourite one was the balancing log I won the first round but then came third in the second.

Kayaking was really fun except for when i fell out it was so so cold i felt like I had hypothermia. But then we did some water activities when you had to crawl across everyone's kayaks then you had to run back but i crawled back cause i was literally shaking.
-Wall Climbing
Wall climbing was fun but since I made it all the way across the side rock climbing wall i had to start on the medium side I didn’t make it to the top but i made it half way. Then I wanted to try the easy side but sadly we run out of time so I didn’t get to do that.

The last two days were really fun that’s all the activities i can remember doing on those days and exact order. The last day we had top class event and my class won room 7 yay. I did kayaking for my class and it was really windy and the current was real strong so it was much harder to do. Then we had to clean up and say our goodbyes. Then on the bus home some couples got squashed by Mr. Munro he just right along and sat on them it was real funny and the trip was an awesome experience.

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