Thursday, 27 October 2016

Lakewood lodge year 7/8 camp 2016

Lakewood lodge year ⅞ camp 2016
IMG_9739.JPGLakewood lodge in a very cool camp spot the we went to for our school camp and we stayed there for 4 days and it was a very cool experience because we did lots of thing and we got to ride horses and i have never done it before so it was cool, we did 3 activities every day. I really enjoyed survival camp because we went to a camp spot and i had stayed in a tent with other people at the bottom of the hill and it was very hot because of how many people there were and we got to cook our own food for lunch and dinner so it was very cool because there was games. One of the games what the rope game when we need to burn a drop in half and all we used was firewood and 5 pieces of paper to rip up. We were going to play lots of games at night with craig and george because we were going to play spot light but it was too late and we didn’t.
Arrival / Day 1
IMG_9709.JPGWhen we got there we got off the bus we had different groups so we went and got all out thing sorted then we had to go up to the top were the bell was were we all met and got in out groups, we had done three activities and our first one was horses games when we ride horses and get use to them then we start to play games on them we were doing races and we one with the horse names joe and we were vs maz. It was really cool because were we were staying was in a barn that was done up and made into lots of room that have created lots of bunks out of it and it was a good idea.
Day 2
Day 2 was a really cool day because we had been woken up with a water gun from mr fourie and mr munro then we had to get ready for the morning run that we did that was 1 or 2ks that we had to run that was really good. we had done some activities but this day we didn’t do the same we went to survival camp that day for the night because we had turns and it was fun what we did lots of things there like we were in the middle of nowhere. We had to put up our own tent that we were going to sleep in and my group was right down the bottom and when we went to sleep we had 4 people and it was really hot.
Day 3
On the 3rd day we had to wake up and pack up our tent and we had to pack up grants tent as well. it was fun and we had to get all the equipment and we carried it back with our bags and stuff. We started walking back to the camp site and once we got back there we had to do the morning run because we do it every morning. After the morning run we had to get ready for the day and we were starting to get into the activities again. For the activities we were doing the climbing wall then the flying fox and the third one was kayaking. I really liked the climbing wall because we were doing a big wall that was 11.3 meters high. I went up the left side of it 2 time and i really wanted to keep doing it but we had to switch.
Day 4
Day 4 was the last day when we had to pack up all our thing but before that we did the morning run then got ready like a normal day. We had gone up to the meeting point and had breakfast. After breakfast we went and put our bags on the side of the road so the bus can pack them then we did the top class event. We had to do all the activities for it and room 7 won and it was fun because we had to create the class number with our bodys to finish.


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