Thursday, 27 October 2016

My Camp Writing

My Camp Writing
Day 1 ( the Arrival ) - I arrived at school with my gear at 7:30 on Tuesday ready for my amazing week at camp.  We get into our lines and get ready for camp but we were held up bus of the bus being late. When the bus finally arrived we grabbed our bags and went and put our stuff into our cabins me and five others got to use the adults cabin. We also got a briefing on what happens at camp. After the brief we had morning tea and then we started our first rotation.
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For my group we had survival camp for the whole day. We packed and then headed to survival one group at a time. My group made it there and then we got ready to make our tents. After our tents were up we got ready for the mud run. We had a race in the mud and we also got to turn in the mud for a punishment for being late. After that we cleaned of in a lake which was cold hard fun. After we were cleaned of we went up to the assembly place to have launch.  After launch we did the camouflage and search and rescue activities. I won the camouflage once because i hid under some grass. In the search and rescue group 2 lost because we weren't a team. After that we were allowed own choice out of the lake and mud run i was the only one in the mud run.  After the mud run we all went up for the fire challenge.  Our group finished second to last and we finished our dinner second. It was beautiful. We also got to have some marshmallows.  After the marshmallows we went back to Lakewood for the Burma trail. I wasn’t all the fun because the blindfolds hurt my eyes but it was interesting with the girls screaming to nothing. When we got back to camp we played spotlight and Andre always won because he was up a tree. It had been a long day and i was happy to go to bed.

Day 2 ( Talent quest  and line dances )  -  I woke on Wednesday morning with everything packed and ready to go back to Lakewood. When got back to Lakewood we ran to the horse paddocks for the morning run. He had to run 2 laps of the facility. Next we had breakfast. After we had breakfast we all got ready for our four activity my groups was horse games. In horse games we meet four horses named Joe, Maz, Fox and Solo. We were allowed to ride Joe and Maz. We played a whole lot of games.  I rode Joe and he nearly fell asleep. After we finished with the horses we had morning tea. Activity 5 for me was climbing I was going to enjoy it. I climbed the hard wall and easy wall and I got the quickest time in my school ( 37 s ) Then we went on the boulder and lost my grip I was super disappointed. After climbing and launch. We went to archery and I had trouble to hit the balloons but I did nearly get a bulls eye. Next was the waterside I loved it but it did hurt going to my stomach. After the waterside I had my first shower of camp. After the showers we started to practice our talent shows and line dances Me and Jared started practice our skit. After dinner we all got settled into the hall for the line dances and talent items. The lines dances were a mess but they were funny. After the dances we got onto the talent items some were funny some very really cool and some were disasters, but in the end Black and White won with their great dance. After a late night biscuit we went to our rooms and talked to we went to bed                   

Day 3 ( Y games ) - I awoke on Thursday and rushed to the morning run and i smashed it out. After breakfast my group hurried of to low ropes. My group did everything as a group and we worked together to get the activity done. There was and activity were I actually had to hold something some by group could get on it was called the Titanic. After morning tea we headed to The flying fox along with group one. I loved the flying fox and it was so fun. It became cooler when my dad disobeyed the rules and went upside down and had to do push ups. After launch I went to kayaking. At kayaking we were reminded how to use the paddles and how to steer. We paddled down the stream and we also had the best water fight ever. We finished afternoon tea and then started up on the waterside again but this time we had water balloons. The showers were chaotic and a bit weird, 5 boys in one shower I was happy that I got my own shower. Everyone was in a rush at dinner because they were all looking forward to the Y games. The Y games were fun my favourite event was eating the marshmallow with no hands. The quiz was hard, but fun and sadly at the ends the parents won again. That night I went to bed buzzing.

Day 4 ( last Day ) -  I woke on Friday morning quite sad I didn’t really want to leave camp. I got up and went out for the morning run. But I was surprised when Mr Fourie told me and some other boys to grap Alex and Stephanie so they couldn’t leave the house arena. I was more surprised when he told us to empty our drink bottles over their heads to get out of doing another run. After breakfast we all started to clean up the camp for the next lucky people. After the long clean up we all went for morning tea and we all started to think about the top class event. I knew I would to climbing. When the event started I was nervous because we fell behind in the morning run but I felt happy when my climbing group was able to start. When I went up the hard wall I was so panicked that when I came down I couldn’t undo the carabiner. I was finally unhooked and I ran to the next event and we had gained a huge lead. We speed through the other events and when we finished the waterside we all got into a seven shape. It was hard because we weren't working together and we all had different ideas. But we got it done and came first once again. After lunch we had prize giving and got our team and individual rewards and we also said our last goodbye. I really liked my time at Lakewood Lodge and I would love go again.    

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