Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Year 7/8 Camp 2

Year ⅞ Camp 2016
Last week was a really fun week, crawling through mud, flying over a red pond, kayaking, even riding horses, we ate some yummy food for breakfast, dinner and lunch. Everyone enjoyed hanging with friends for 4 days, and sleeping with each other for 3 nights. And especially sleeping at survival camp, in a tent.

Once we arrived at Lakewood lodge, we put our bags where we wanted to sleep and went back downstairs. We meet all the staff that was going to help us with all of the activities, so then 2 men George and Craig, to groups 1-4 to survival camp, we didn’t have to walk 5 km (like Mr Fourie said we would), and once the group were at survival camp, all we could hear was the other groups chanting there way off, and of course since we were the last group there we didn’t get any shelter at all. George and Craig asked us to go and set up our tents, and of course we (Sam, Sumundri, Hayley and I) slept on a slope of a hill. Craig asked us to get into some togs or clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. And we did the mud run, group 4 won out of the other groups. Thankfully we went to a lake to wash ourselves off, some people still had mud in their hair, or anywhere on there body.

So after the mud run we played a game of camouflage, we had to camouflage somewhere in this big circle, where there were bushes, trees, and some tents. I hid in the bushes where most of the spiders, and slugs were, a slug somehow got on me it was green red lips and funny looking eyes, at first it looked like a toy but it wasn’t. I got found all in all the games we played, and I never won but oh well. Once we finished the game camouflage, we had to make SOS (save our souls) out of somethings around the survival camp grounds, and our group (the killer bunnies) decided to make it out of our clothes. Guess what The KILLER BUNNIES, won because we were the only group that used our clothes. So we were commanded to go and help a member in our group (Andre) from a patch because he had fractured and broke his arm and leg, so the killer bunnies went to go and help Andre. We made Jared, Owen, and Zach take off their shirts and used it as a stretcher to help Andre get to a safe place.

So after that was done, we started making our fire, it was a competition whoever snapped the rope first wins, but this time we lost. Once that was finished, all the groups were able to start cooking our dinner. Since our group chant has rice in it, we decided to cook some rice with mince to go with our chant. We also had some potatoes with our mince and rice. Once dinner was finished, we roasted some marshmallows over our fire.

Once free time was over, all of us walked back to the campsite and then we did the Burma trail,(The Burma trail is where the teachers scare you while you're holding a rope), so we all started and a lot of girls were screaming so hard, that they almost lost their voices. We said goodbye to the others, and walked back to the survival campsite. We played spotlight and went back in our tents and then it was lights out, we slept and woke up a lot of times.
We woke up in the morning got changed, and walked back with all our luggage and started the morning run, and then breakfast time.
After breakfast we would have free time until 9.00am, then the killer bunnies would go to archery until 10.30, then at 10.30 we would have morning tea which was biscuits and fruits, then more free time, and at 11.00 we did horse games, it was fun meeting Maz, Joe, Solo, and Fox, there all great horses, but sometimes Joe can be a bad horse.

12.00 we started lunch, which was lasagna, and chicken sauce, it was delicious. And once again we had more free time, until 12.30 we had our last rotation for the second day which was kayaking. First off we all grabbed our life jackets, and then walked down to the kayaks.
We each grabbed a paddle and started playing some games, then dragged the kayaks in the water a kayaked to a pole and back to the base were we played some more games, like tag, Andre came to try to tag me he reached out so far that his kayak tipped and he fell into the water. But then we had an epic water fight in the water were we would splash everyone. So we dragged our kayaks out of the water and then bang!!, someone (Johanri) got a handful of mud and chased me aimed and fired ewwww straight into my ear yuck but washed it out after, once Mr Fourie told us to wash ourselves off in the water Johanri wouldn’t go underwater, He asked Jared to put her underwater but that didn’t work, so he asked me to do it, and she was straight underwater and wet!!!!

The next couple of days was the best. I even helped Mr Fourie and Mr Munro, I told Mrs Bailey that Leah fell down the stairs and Johanri was with her (I had to keep a straight face though) and Mr Fourie and Mr Munro both hid with some water guns and, bang she walked outside and she is soaked in just a couple of seconds, but I better watch out she’s got her eyes on me!

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