Thursday, 27 October 2016

Zachary's Camp Adventure

Camp 2016

On the first day of Camp I went to survival camp.Once we got survival Camp we were shown around the place by George and Craig. There was the top of the line Long Drop and there was a Mud Run.
Once Craig and George showed us around we grabbed our tents and set them up, in my tent there was Shaun, Mikhil, Owen and I (Zac).After we set up our tents we then went to the Mud Run when we got down to the Mud Run we got ready to run through the mud.There was a rope which we had to hold onto for dear life because if you let it go you would sink into the mud so fast. All of us had to duck under two bars of metal, we all had to then ran and touch the tree and do the course again.Then we had to do our consequence because we didn’t get our stuff in time so our consequence was getting into the mud doing whatever George told us to do.Then we all jumped into the nice and refreshing lake.Once we had gotten out of the lake we got dried and into close that were comfortable so we could have lunch.Then we played camouflage which is where we get inside the spray painted circle and we had to hide using mud, trees grass and any other thing you could find.Then George went around the edges of the spray painted circle and say your name if he found you.Then we had to make a SOS sign which stands for Save Our Souls.We did pretty well but the Killer Bunnies won☹.Then we had free time I went back in the lake and started bombing into the lake.Then we went back to do the afternoon activities which was the Burma trail.Which all the teachers and parents tried to scare us but they didn’t scare many people.Once we did the Burma trail we played spotlight.I was found in the first 4 or 5 rounds then in the last round I hid behind a tent and then run to a tree and climbed to the top and I won along with 2 other people.After we played spotlight we went  to bed.
Day 2
My tent woke up and we got our clothes on then we put our sleeping bags back into the bag and we left to go and do the morning run which was like 1-2 km’s which was pretty easy.Then we had breakfast I just had cornflakes..Then my group Team Smash did Low Ropes which is where you use strategy to complete small task the first one was we had to go on a balancing board and we had to go in alphabetical order without touching the ground and then we had to go in the order of the months we were born in.My group then had to play rock paper scissors on pieces of rope.My group then had to do this challenge called the toxic challenged which is were you have to get across the river without going over the piece of wood.My group got big pieces of wood and walked across it slowly.The second to last activity where the chocolate factory which is where you have to get to the last stump without touching the ground or you would set your team backwards.The very last activity was the unstable log which was were you would stand on the log and try and rock log so you would get the other people of in the first round Mitchell won then in the next one I won.We then had Morning tea.After Morning Tea my group then di kayaking we got our kayaks into the water then we paddled all the way out to the post and then came back.When we were all back we went to the shallow part of the lake and played a game.The game was where you had to crawl across the kayaks one at a time and once you had reached the end you will run back to your kayak and sit down in it.After we had taken our Kayaks out of the water we had lunch.Lunch was yummy.After we had lunch we went to the Climbing wall.We first had to get our harness on then we all had a go on the bouldering wall which is a climbing wall which climb across not up.I climbed it in one go.After that we did the bouldering wall we got taught how to belay.I was the Guinea Pig so I climbed the wall first.I climbed to the top of the easy course but I didn’t get to have a go at the harder wall.After that we had afternoon tea.Then we had free time.After free time we went on the waterslide which had brown water at the end of it.Then we had dinner.After dinner we had the talent quest and the line dances.My talent quest group was the Lip Syncing 6 we did pretty well.Then we had a hot chocolate and celebrated Brookes,Hayleys and Lelanis birthdays.Then we went to  bed.     

Day 3
We woke from Mr Fourie squirting as with water guns the water was a little bit cold.We then  did the morning run.After we finished the morning run we went and had Breakfast I just had cornflakes again.After we had breakfast we did archery.When we were doing archery I shot an arrow into the tree and it stayed in the tree.I named the arrow “The Holy Arrow!”.After we did archery we had morning tea.For morning tea we had Apples,Oranges,Biscuits and little muffins some days.After we had Morning tea my group and another group went to the flying fox.The flying fox was really fun because you were like defying gravity.Also it was fun because you would get lots of speed and the wind will just up against your face.After we did the flying fox we had lunch.Lunch was so yummy.After we had our yummy lunch we went to do the Ironman Challenge instead of horse games as one of the horses were sick.When we were doing the Ironman Challenge we had to Climb inside tyres,then run around rocks and a tree,we then had to army crawl under 2 pieces of wood,when then had to walk over a piece of wood that was on a log.Then we had to then push a barrel 3 times,then we had to crawl in mud and go under a tarpaulin then sprint to the finish line.After we had finished the Ironman Challenge we went on the waterslide. Then we had free time which was either the tramp,Basketball,Volleyball/J Ball,Table tennis and pool.After free time we went and had dinner Yummy.After dinner we went into the main building and played the Y games.After the Y games we went to bed.

The Last Day

On the Last day at Lakewood lodge we did the top class event.The top class event was where you have 2 boy runners and 2 girls runners to run the morning run,then they had to run to the climbing wall which someone had to do the bouldering wall and then tag the person to climb the wall and once they had finished climbing the wall they had to tag the other bouldering wall person and then they had to tag the other climbing person.Once the climbing wall people had finished they had to run over to the throwers where they had to knock down three targets.After they had hit the targets down they had to then they had to run to the archers.The archers then had to chose a colour of balloons to pop.Once all the balloons where popped they had to run to the Ironman challenge people,they then had to complete that and then they tagged the flying fox people who then went down the flying fox and ran back up to the top where everyone else was and then Vishay ran to the Kayaks.The kayak people then had to paddle as fast as the could to the post and back then put there kayaks back and ran to the waterslide and tag them.After the waterslide people where finished we had to make our classroom number out of our people.Room 7 one which is my class. Yay. We then had morning tea.After Morning tea we had prize giving.Our group one 1 prize and then the killer bunnies one lots more than us.After prize giving we thanked out cook cookie for mking our dinners and lunches for us. After all of that was over we went home on the bus and patiently waited until we got picked up.

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