Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Athletics 2016

Athletics Day 2016

The 1,500 was interesting there was Tyrone running in the front while Ritivong sprinted at the start so he could have a bit of lead but then Richard and Ronan came up to him and was like Na! go back down to fourth place then Jamie out of nowhere Jamie was like Na! get  out of here Richard and Ronan.Then it was just people getting ahead of people and the losing their position.The 1,500 was still intense even on the 2nd lap the 11 year olds Because Caleb Honey came from behind and went into second place for now.Everyone in the top three was holding their place in the race. The 1,500 was over Tyrone came first  Caleb came second and Jamie came third it was a very tight race the 1,500.

Long Jump
When we went to long jump My first jump was my best Jump it was 2.44M.When People got a lot longer than me.Long Jump was really fun because I suck at Long Jump so I \made fun out of it.Charles Baker came 1st with a whopping 2.77M and then it was Taine that came 2nd with a whopping 2.73M and in 3rd place it was Ronan or Richard.No one broke a record in Long Jump

In Discus we had 3 throws each.My first throw was a pretty good throw but it wasn’t good enough to get a placing.My second throw was a lot better than my first one because the man took my peg out of the ground and put to where my 2nd Discus that I threw.On my last throw I threw little bit before my 2nd throw.Charles and William bet the record which was 21.78 M but Charles bet the record more which made him 1st place and William 2nd and Jordan 3rd place.

200 M  
The race was about to start we had to go into lines so we could start the race.I was in the first race On your marks get set BANG! I was coming third at the start of the race near the end of the race I started to slow down which then put me in 4th place which I was pretty happen in because I was racing quiet fast people,which I think got me house points.But once all the races were done Alex came 1st

Shot Putt Edan 1st William 2nd
When we got to Shot putt I thought I would easily get a placing but no that wasn’t the case.My first throw was pretty bad but it was good enough to get a fourth place. On my second attempt it was a little bit better than my first throw because the person running shot putt moved my peg then my third throw was horrible.The winner was Edan then William in 2nd

High Jump
Yes! HIGH JUMP my favourite event of the day.I jumped over a 1 metre then the bar got higher.The next height was 1.05 Metres I jumped that.The bar got even higher it was now 1.15.My first atempt Fail my next atempt Epic Fail and my last atempt Fail.The highest jumpers where Rittivong in 1st place Alex in 2nd place and Charles and Caleb in 3rd place.

100 M
In the 100 Metre I thought I would do well in my race because we made up the lines that we were going to run in.In my race it was a tight run between me and Edan we where nearing the finsh line which is where I put in my final effort into the race.But it didn’t work because I still came second in the race I was running in.

The relay was tight between Kowhai and Rimu (My house) the race was very tight because Kowhai had fast runners and so did Rimu.Rimu was in the lead for the girls and boys and I am pretty sure Kowhai was in second place for the boys and the girls.When the baton got to Avansh and Johanri.Avansh tried to get in front of Johanri but she had a big gap between them.


High Jump Mitchell Court. Old Record:1.36 New Record:1.41

1,500 Avansh Kumar Old Record:5 minutes and 11 seconds New Record:5 minutes and 1 second.

Going home
Going home was the scariest that had happened to me it had scared me to death.When we were on the bus we turned a corner and there was 2 mates that were there 1 was standing right where the bus was and his friend pulled him back to save but he hadn’t had enough of it so he went and gave all his might and punched the bus and started to walk to our bus angrily.😠😠😠


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