Thursday, 17 November 2016

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Reremoana athletics day

Friday, nov 11, 2016

School athletics
Our school has a athletics day every year and we have a lot of fun when we are there because it is a really cool thing to do. It in really fun because we get to hangout with our friends and do different events. It sometimes gives you butterflies but there are many events that you can get use to it.
It was really fun on the day because we did many events and the first one we did when we got there was 1500 and the top 3 were Tyrone, Caleb and jamie. I did not run this one but i ran all of the other things, the one that i was really looking forward to was the 200m and 100m. I did all of the other events except long jump because i was not in the top 16 for practise. After the 1500 the 11 year olds went to long jump I did not get into the competitive group.we had 7 different events 100m, 200m, 1500m, high jump, shot put, discus and long jump.
High jump was really fun even though I was not that good at it but it was good to challenge myself with all my friends. 100m was a really good one aswell because it was a challenge against my friends but we also had fun.
After all the activities ended we had a relay race with all the different teams, the different teams are kowhai, rimu, totara and kauri. There was a girl and boy race but they went at the same time. The winning team of the relay was rimu. The relay was a really cool to watch because it was the fastest people going against each other.
Some of the records were broken and they were some good one as well. In the 11 year old eden bet the record for shot put and charles bet the record for discuss. In the 12 year old the the 1500m and high jump was broken michell broke the record for high jump and avansh broke the 1500m record

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