Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Bike Helmet cheacks

Look at the pictures carefully, and read all the words, this is making sure your helmet is alright, and your bike, have fun on the day!!!


HELMET Checklist

Outer Shell                  (No Cracks, or damage to outside)

Inner Shell                   (Check for damage, no cracks)

Pads                      Are they there and in a reasonable condition

Sticker                   Is there a Safety approved sticker

Webbing                Are the straps in a good condition and not too

Buckle                   Can you do the clip up on the buckle (not broken)


Please mark only the box     X   that needs to be checked


1. Frame Are there any cracks or damage to framework?

2. Brakes Do they stop ?

3. Brakepads Do they grip, are they worn out ?

4. Wheels Do they wobble when spun ?

5. Tyres Do they have any tread?

6. Tubes Are they inflated properly ?

7. Handlebars Do they move from side to side ?

8. Hand grips Are they split at the end or loose?

9.         Pedals Are they broken?

10. Cranks Is it noisy or wobbly?

11. Chain Is it rusty, noisy, or need oil?

12. Seat Does it wobble,is it ripped,Comfy?

13. Rear reflector Does it have one (behind seat)?

14.      Lights Are they fitted for night riding?

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