Sunday, 6 November 2016

Dwayne's Adventure.

Dwayne’s Adventure.

My name is Dwayne Pebble and I have been on a crazy journey to find the treasure that my great, great grandmother left behind. But... things did go a bit haywire.

It all started while I was hanging out with my friend Richie Rock, we go way back! We have been friends since the day of my first birthday and have been best friends ever since. I met Richie at Miss Stella Stones Daycare, he was so friendly. We loved to play with our action figures together, we had so many! Now that we have grown up, we have become even closer. We are just as close and are as best friends as Gumball & Darwin. I know it sounds crazy, but Richie and I love watching wanted to be just like Darwin and Gumball when we were younger! Anyway, I know his birthday is on the 30th of January, so I decided to go on a road trip and visit him in his hometown of Idaho!

Before I left, I packed a few items we would enjoy looking over, that would bring back so many memories. I went inside my closet which contained so many of my hand me downs passed on from generations. I dug up a few things, some old hats and clothes and even some old technology. But what really intrigued me, was a map, a map from my great, great grandmother. Her name is was Georgia Granite, she was a famous explorer back in the day, and she had discovered many of the world's best known artifacts seen around the world today. She had left a map for me, it was my chance to go on an adventure if a lifetime. She had mapped out everything, but hadn't found the treasure. So I made the decision to take the map, so that Richie and I would  be able to create yet another memory.

On my way to Richie's house, I saw so many unique attractions! I saw many landscape areas, many mountains and outdoor sights to die for! I saw an awesome waterfall which reminded me of the time Richie and I almost fell in, ah good memories! We used to always visit this lake called Grand Prismatic Spring which was the why we came really good friends. I would tell you what happened, but I’ll save that for another time. A few hours later, and I was here!

Image result for thank youAs I started unloading my luggage out of my cars trunk, two arms wrapped around my body. My feet lifted up off the ground within seconds! Richie! I dropped all my luggage and obviously performed my secret handshake with Richie! We were so excited to see each other, I almost fainted! Anyway, after the little reunion we had, Richie and his wife Caroline helped me with my bags. I settled in, we went out for lunch and caught up on so much! I told Richie and Caroline that I had brought my great great grandmothers items she used back in the day. They were so excited when I told them I brought the map of the treasure my great great grandmother unfortunately could not discover. We cleared all our planes and decided that we were going to find the treasure as a team!

We had gone out that night for drinks, we could not stop talking about the great adventure we were about to have! We were so excited that we decided to call it a night and rest up for our big day tomorrow! We couldn't wait!

We we so eager, we just couldn’t sleep. The whole night, instead of sleeping, we were constantly checking our luggage to make sure we had everything we needed to take on this adventure that is yet to come. Caroline was telling all her friends and eating broccoli at the same time, Richie kept giving himself pep talks in the mirror with his shirt off and I, well I studied the map. I wanted to know which country we were going to explore next. I searched the map for a good hour before I could decipher the place we were going to go… we’re going to go Egypt!

“Egypt!” exclaimed Caroline. “What on earth do you mean Egypt?!?!” Richie screamed. It took us a pretty long time to take everything in. We eventually calmed down, it took us a while though. A few days later, we arrived! We got to a hotel and started unpacking our belongings... all of a sudden, a huge sandstorm started to form! Caroline was standing outside talking to a friend on the phone and Richie started panicking!

“Caroline!” Richie screamed...

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