Thursday, 3 November 2016


There once was a cat named Mat,
If you saw her you would make her flat,
She ate a frog,
Who lived under a log,
She was a cat that was fat.

There once was a girl named Hayley,
She would play with Mayley,
She loved cream,
But she was mean,
She played all day on a ukulele.

There once was a lady named Brooke,
Who alway had to take out a book,
She was mad,
Always sad,
She always slipped off the hook.

There once was a kid named Milo,
Who always liked to lie low,
He was a bird,
Who always stirred,
He was always sky low.

There once was a kid named sam,
The girl loved her Raspberry Jam,
She lived in a lake,
That was a mistake,
She always got called ham.

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