Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Newspaper report

On Friday the 11th of November Reremoana school had the school athletics day at Lloyd elsmore Athletics club.When we all got there we had a bit of time to eat and then we ran the 1500 in our age groups first it was the 10 year old girls and boys, then was the 11 year old girls and boys were ? and kendyl came first, straight after the 11 year olds was the 12 year olds avanch and johanri came first, and lastly for 1500 it was the 13 year olds were   someone and someone came first
After that the 11 year old girls went to long jump were Ashley pollock came first then we moved on to the discus were Ashley pollock came first and Sumandri koole came second. When we were finished with discus we went on to the 200m and Ashley came first,kendyl came second and river came third.After that we went to high jump and Ashley broke the record.When we were finished with high jump we went to shot put and Ashley pollock came first.

Where the seniors were more focused on securing their places to get the ribbons. Watching the seniors is quite interesting as you see each individual using various of techniques to determine their placings. As they come towards the finish line, many smiles appear on their faces.
Some however finish with disappointment in themselves. Next it was time for final event to happen which was the house relays. For this event, all houses get a boys team and a girls consisting of 4 people each. Then all the house team go head and head sprinting 100 metres to reach their teammates. This goes on until the student hands the baton to the last athlete. Then in full speed they race to the finish line. From there the top 3 places get ribbons. Rimu came first and second then Totara came third. Seeing the relay is really exciting as representatives from your house compete with the others team. It is a time to cheer the house teams on especially your own. My team was Rimu so I was really happy when they finished the race first. Ending the day with the relay race was really amazing because it brought all the houses together as one big family. Every single person supported and encouraged their teammate and it was a great thing to see.

Stand Outs For The Day
  • Rimu House winning the girls relay. Johanri, Leche, Hayley, Stephanie
  • Rimu House winning the boys relay. Avansh, Jared, Mitchell, Caelin
  • Relay Results
  • Rimu, Totara, Kauri, Kowhai
11 year olds
High jump:Ashley.p, Kendyl and
Long jump: Ashley.p,river
Shot put:Ashley.p,


PHOTOS BY MS Fothergill

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