Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Reremoana School Athletics Day

Reremoana School Athletics Day

Monday 14th November, 2016

An Amazing School Athletics Day

The Story behind the Event
Callum R . I . Moffitt

The school spent ages preparing for this amazing event. The school's students practised day in and day out to get ready and take part in trials.  The house captains worked tirelessly to prepare the house badges for the their houses.  All the schools teachers and staff worked themselves stiff making sure that the student had a place to go and events to take part in.

They also worked hard to make sure all the students were safe on the day.  We also had the help of a lot of dedicated parent who took time off work to make sure the school had an athletics day   

The Day of days
Callum R . I . Moffitt

On the morning of the Reremoana school athletics day. The excited students with bounce in their steps got onto the buss and on their way to a very fun day.  The class got there and got ready for their events. The school started of the day with 1500 meters and that was fun to watch. Then through them all from long jump to the 60 meter races that the juniors do. My favourite event by far to watch was the house relays.

The winners of this events were the Rimu house. After the relay the school packed up and left for the end of the day The students had a fun day.  
Special Congrats
Callum R . I . Moffitt

Mitchell Court -  Year 7 boy
( High Jump - 1.41m)

Avansh Kumar - Year 7 boy
( 1500m  - 5.1s )

Leche Koole Year 8 Girl
( High Jump 1.30m )

Story by Callum R . I . Moffitt
Photos by Lynn Fothergill

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