Sunday, 6 November 2016

The Flower-Girl

The Flower-Girl

Hi, my name is Daisy Cloud and I’m going to tell you a bit about the day I almost turned into a flower, at least until I get tired, then I'll stop.

It all started a long time ago, I was hanging with my three best friends, Blossom, Rosanna and Pearl. On the 9th of May, it was my birthday, I just turned 13 years old, we were having my birthday party at the movies. Our movie was about to start, I didn't want to miss a single thing so I decided to go and get a refill as quick as possible.

Image result for shadow figureAs I walked out, I noticed an elderly woman wearing a black cloak and long, black, pointy boots. She had long red hair, long fingernails painted black and a small tattoo of a snake on her neck. She looked very scary, I felt a bad vibe from her. She gave me a look as if I had done something despicable, I didn’t know her but she somehow knew me. I walked up to her to ask if she was fine or needed help with anything, as I walked up to her, I accidentally stepped on her foot and her face turned as purple as a plum! As she slowly calmed down, I apologized and she said it was okay. She then gave me three beans, she told me that I would be able to make the best tasting cupcake if I crush and mix the three beans into the batter. She said that if I didn’t use them, she would take everything that I love away from me and that I would never see them again. Before she turned even more purple, I took the beans and popped them in my pocket, before I forgot, I refilled my cup and ran back to my cinema.

Image result for pizza clipartI sat back down and it was already half way through the movie. Pearl, Blossom and Rosanna asked if I was okay, I didn’t want to worry them so I told them that I was fine. The movie ended and everyone was hungry, so I told my mother if we could go home and start making our homemade cupcakes and pizzas. As we were walking to the car, I remembered the three beans, I didn’t want to see how ugly things would turn out if I didn’t use them so I told myself to stick to the instructions. My mother unlocked the car and everyone hopped in, there was a long awkward silence in the air so I decided to turn the radio on. The music lightened the mood, we were all happy and cheerful without a doubt that everything was going to be okay.

Image result for cupcakes clipartWe arrived home and I just couldn’t wait start cooking our pizzas and baking our cupcakes. Everybody rushed to the sink and washed their hands as fast as they could, you could sense the excitement. We laid out all the ingredients and got to work, Pearl was washing the vegetables, Rosanna was starting to make the cupcake batter and Blossom started rolling out the pizza dough. I decided to help out Rosanna, I got four cupcake tins, a measuring cup and cupcake liners. We each took turns pouring the batter into the liners, I told her to go help Blossom with the pizza dough because I wanted to make a special cupcake. When no one was looking, I took the beans and smashed them, I then put them in the left over batter and mixed it together. I put the special batter into its own separate tin and put all of the tins into the oven. After a while, the cupcakes were done, while the cupcakes were cooling, we added the toppings to the pizzas. Once the pizzas were in the oven, I snuck away with the cupcake in my hand, I told everybody that I needed to use the bathroom and the hardest thing to do was lie.

I shut the bathroom door, I took the liner of the cupcake and put it in my pocket. I slowly took a bite... it tasted pretty good, but I found myself eating the whole thing within a matter of seconds. I then returned to the kitchen to eat the rest of the pizzas and cupcakes.  As the day went on, my friends and I said our goodbyes and so did the mothers. I waited till the next day to see if something horrible would happen.

Image result for clothes clipartToday was a new day and I wanted to pick out a great outfit, since it was raining today, I decided to wear something warm and comfortable. Something felt weird, I had a dream of surviving out in a jungle all by myself and what was next was terrifying! I was being eaten by a giant flower, but it was pretty exciting. Being a Saturday, I wanted to wake up nice and early so I could have the whole day to do whatever I want! Once I finished picking out my outfit, I walked to the bathroom... I looked in the mirror and there were 2 giant blue flowers growing out of my ears! I washed my face and rubbed my eyes but the flowers were still there! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing right in front of me, I was growing flowers and who knows what else, out of my elf like ears. I ran to my mothers bedroom and woke her up. her scream could be heard from miles away!

Image result for shocked emojiI told her about the lady at the movies and the beans, her face looked as if she had seen a ghost!! She described her perfectly, I didn’t remember telling her about the lady but she told me stories about her childhood. My mother told me that the lady I saw doesn’t age, she told me that she has been around for at least 500 years. Mum told me that I should have never talked to her because when my mum was around 18 or 17, she told me that she had also crossed paths with her. Mother told me that the only way to get rid of this terrible curse, is to go to the Enchanted Woods and eat the Enchanted Peaches. I told her that we needed some help because I have heard stories about the Enchanted Woods, it can be dangerous, but if you have a good heart. then you're good. I knew that I was going to need some help... I decided to call Rosanna, Blossom and Pearl.

Once all my friends got here, my mother gathered the other mothers and started talking while I was talking with my friends. For the mothers, it was like reliving the moment, they had went on the same adventure with their mothers when they were younger. My mother knew that this day was going to come, so she walked into her closet and moved aside all her clothing. Behind all the clothing, there was a eye scanner next to my baby photo, The girls and I were shocked!

I would tell you what happened next, but I'm getting tired. So, I'll save the other half of my story for another time!


  1. That is such a cool story because you can't predict what's going to happen next which makes it VERY exciting